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Jochen H. Schmidt
Developer — Author — Photographer — Guitarist

This kind of reasoning is common, but overly simplistic. Actually to the point were I cannot take it seriously because the ones holding it clearly didnt put enough thought into it to make a discussion even worthwhile. There are many different kinds of creativity - some of them are a perfect fit for the iPad (even better than a notebook or desktop PC), some of them are good and some of them don't always work that well.

Where does it fit perfectly?

Anything that makes perfect use of the Apple Pencil. This starts from note taking but even more comes…

I agree that every developer should _learn_ C - but not necessarily as the first language. C is something like the lingua franca of open source. There are vast amounts of C libraries and even more important: C based APIs. Most FFIs of other languages have C as their common base for interfacing.

Why should they _not_ learn C as a first language? C is a crufty language with many idiosyncraties. Many things are more complex than should be. It motivates to write bad and unsafe code. …


Knowing just one or two programming languages misses out many concepts out there. There is not one single language that is enough for anything. Knowledge you gain through the concepts of a new language can often apply to many other languages too. This article lists a number of languages you could learn and makes clear what you should take from it.


This language still has a bad reputation with many closed-minded developers. In a nutshell, it is a typical example of a dynamic language with very flexible runtime features. You can put together different object shapes — even incrementally —…

Walt Mossberg wrote an Article about why Siri seems to be so dumb and compared Apples “AI Assistant” with e.g. “Google Assistant” or “Amazon Alexa”.

Currently competition seems to focus on more and more Artificial Intelligence topics. Most of the technologies and algorithms that drive this current incarnation of an old movement are not particularily new. The difference is that they now try to create end-user-products from those technologies. Apple historically proved great talent in creating such mass products from former niche technologies. It can be difficult to recognize the key characteristics that are necessary to differentiate between a “cool…

Jochen H. Schmidt

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