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…on correctly attributing ideas… The term “Tree shaking” was not introduced by Rich Harris with Rollup! :) This is a thing that is very well known for decades in the Lisp-Community! So obvious, that I proposed “Tree shaking” as an alternative to “JS micro packages” on Twitter in December 2014 (https://twitter.com/Neonsquare/status/545297107775934464). With it being such an old idea I wouldn’t even argue that my tweet is the first time someone had this idea for JavaScript — it turns out that is true:

Searching for other uses I found out that Dart already did use Tree shaking (wrongly) attributing the possibility of such a feature to their eschewal of “eval()”. This was 2013.

Another, even more fitting one: Zack Grossbart implemented JSlim, a Javascript tree shaker in 2011! He also used the term in the description of his project.

The initial commit (!) of Rollup was 15. Mai 2015. This is decades after the term was invented in the Lisp Community. More than 4 years after JSlim. Still Years after Dart, and also still months before someone else than Rich Harris coined the term as a solution in JavaScript on twitter.

You may find this nit picking, but I think it is important not to wrongly attribute ideas. ;-)

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