I couldn't agree more - and it actually isn't even Apple specific. If you take for e.g. cameras, tools or music equipment - one doesn't always need something to be labeled (or spec'ed) "pro" to get things done.

The term "pro" even is overly unspecific in another way: Some define someone as "pro" if the work is for commercial profit and geting an income you can live from. In their mind they divide the intrinsic quality of the results between "pro" and "amateur". This is missing an important fact though: "pro" doesn't necessarily mean "better results". A professional will have to deliver results in time and in budget. It will be "good enough". An amateur is not limited in the amount of time and energy is spent. The results of an amateur therefore could be indeed far better than anything you might get from a professional. The difference here is, that the "pro" sector is automatically filtered by the really bad ones going out of business over time. The amateur sector is much bigger and and doesn't have this kind of filtering - so there will be alot of people with less skills. Though: The sheer size of the amateur sector compared with the professional might lead in some genres to the outcome, that there are actually _more_ high skilled amateurs than high skilled pros.

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