I disagree strongly that this comparison is “apples and oranges”. Both are somewhat popular choices (Node.js still being more popular than Rust though). The question it can answer is: Does it pay off in performance gain (and perhaps safety) to introduce the additional hurden of using a statically compiled language like Rust.

Rust is a nice language and I enjoy writing code in it — but Node.js still shines in its malleability… I still get most things done more quickly than in Rust.

To the complains about “interpreted” vs. “compiled”. This is bullshit. V8 is a JavaScript JIT runtime. It compiles javascript to native code at runtime. Modern language runtimes are very seldom pure interpreters. The performance of Rust has more to do with its memory management (no GC and memory layout of data structures) and generally less “runtime management” tasks (e.g. runtime typechecks a.s.o.) and not with “compiled vs. interpreted”).

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