It clearly is wrong to say that there is no good music anymore. To the contrary - we likely do have more good music today than in the past... simply because it got so easy to create and distribute music in the internet age.

With all that ease, comes a price... massive amounts of mediocre and bad music that is easy accessible. Within this gigantic hay stack of ugly stuff are some needles to find.

One point though: Technological progress like "autotune" or other postprocessing tools makes a lot of stuff "lifeless" even if the idea behind a song might not be that bad. Relying too much on such tools leads to music that is less enjoyable to many of us. It misses the "quality without a name" and deems too artificial. Note that the use of technology does not imply lifelessness - as is clearly shown by artists like Daft Punk. Its the "overprocessing" and bad use of the tools that kills some modern music.

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