Its difficult to start because this article is wrong in so many ways.

Lets look at the main points:

1. Hype

React is there since 2015 - the time its popularity can be accounted to some "Hype" is ridiculous. It is popular because it just works, is maintained and and useful.

2. To much freedom

Making mistakes doesn't come from "to much freedom" but from inexperience. Frameworks with a very strict and limited API arguably are easier to cope for complete newbies but will bite you if your use case doesn't fit what the frameworks opinionated structure allows.

3. Not tree shakeable

Thats just wrong - can't say less.

4. React app becomes "exponentially more complex"

No - my react apps don't get exponentially more complex. This is again a simple inexperienced user error which happens with any bigger project in any framework. I did face Angular projects written by Angular newbies which were a horrible mess too. Its not the fault of the framework.

5. No inbuilt stuff

Thats a feature. You can choose between different high value and maintained libraries for nearly anything - fitting exactly for your purpose. You are not let down by some medicre unfitting inbuilt feature.

6. Upgrades requires full rewrite

This is insane! This is an insult to your readers intellect! You can't really think that they do not see what you're trying here to do: Angular got a lot of critique because Angular 2 was essentially a completely different framework and often indeed made a rewrite necessary. This was _never_ a problem with React though. One might criticize React for quite some things but its backward compatibility one of the best of nearly any open source library I know.

Readers: Beware of this author! I don't know whats wrong with him, but of all the opinionated stuff I've came over here this is really a new level. This is not about "React" vs. "Angular" - both are established Frameworks with their purpose and good share of users. Arguable React got more traction over the years, but if Angular does fit your purpose better - hell use that! (Or Svelte, or Vue and so many others). What "Sam Redmond" here tries is to spread lies and FUD about one framework. This kind of writing is toxic and not helpful to anyone (but him). The only reason I can see why he writes what he does, is that he is a troll that aims to get reactions to fill his pockets with "partner" money. Well... he got me... please don't be his fools.

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